Wednesday, June 20, 2012


I'm sitting here in Assessment and Diagnosis.   We have a guest lecturer on Addictions and all I can think about is a cold beer.  What is wrong with me?

Thursday, June 14, 2012

I REALLY want this to work

Let me be clear.  I am avoiding my paper on Trauma right now.  Even though it's due in nine short hours.  I have to ask myself why I do this EVERY  TIME.   I only have 11 more months.  Then I'll be an MSW.  

So.....let me see.  There's so much to talk about. My crazy family, school, my pets, my very own crazy. 

I am fantasizing about moving.  To like Kansas or Alabama or something.  Somewhere I can get lots of land for cheap and maybe a horse and a donkey.  I don't want much.  Here's my list of goals:

1.  Horse
2.  Donkey
3.  Chicken Coop
4.  Goldfish Pond
5.  Rewarding Social Work Career
6.  Significant distance from my family
7.  Greenhouse

Does anyone know a place where I can go and have all those things?  Any help would be phenomenal.  For now however, I'll continue my tireless internet search and continue to avoid the very paper that will help get towards goal number 5.  Fascinating, isn't it?