Thursday, July 18, 2013

Oh the heat

Living in New England gives me and my fellow New Englanders ample opportunities to indulge in the age old tradition of complaining about all different types of weather all year long.  I'm sure few would disagree that fall is the best season, weather-wise, in New England.   Right now it is the oppressive three H's (Hazy, Hot and HUMID).  It's getting to the point where my dog will run out, do his business then come back into my air conditioned apartment like his ass is on fire (probably feels like it is).  Stepping outside feels like you are stepping into an oven and the temptation is there to see if in fact you can fry an egg on the sidewalk.  (I tried it a few years ago during a heat wave like this one- it didn't work, fyi).

The biggest down side to this is that it seems to suck every bit of energy out of me, despite the air conditioning.  This is why I could never live in Florida.  I would never get anything done.  Ironically, my electricity bills are making me feel like I actually need to work harder.

Yesterday I had a job interview and it was kind of discouraging.  I don't know if it was the heat, but it sounded like an awful lot of work for not a lot of money and I'm wondering if I'll find something that is fitting the ideal that I've created in my head.  Probably not, and maybe I will feel better once I am cooler. 

One thing that is enjoying this heat is my plumeria which started as a gift from my mom that looked like a stick.  I planted it in some dirt, gave it lots of light and heat and here is what it looks like now:

It really loves this heat.  That makes one of us.  I realize the picture is sideways, but it's hot and I'm tired and I don't feel like fixing it :)

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